Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Free Tips For Intraday

BSE : Today: BSE SENSEX open positively and it was showing volatile session in the market on positive side in the market and close positively. Now we may consider resistance 18965-19077 and support is 18635-18415-18326. Above 18900 follow up buying will take up to 19132-19225,19625 in coming days. Magic No.18950.

BANK NIFTY STOCK MARKET : Today: Bank Nifty open flatly and It was showing some volatile session but showing some strength on positive side. Today support is 11200-11100 mark, higher level resistance 11479-11587 watch out. Magic No. 12228.

CNX IT : Today: CNX IT open positively and it was showing good strength and finally cross the 6400 level and close positively. Now we can see some more positivity above 6483it can touch the 6574 level. Now that we may consider support of 6731-6300 and resistance we can see around firstly 6484-6500-6574.

INTRADAY NIFTY FUTURE : Now watch major resistance 5721-5730 - Successfully crossover will move further and may test...

If unable to cross yesterday high and trade below 5665, down side target 5505, thereafter... Crossover yesterday high - decent move.

We are bullish above 390 and more added
On Friday once it close above 400 mark
10% move in one session
Today magic no. Watch 439...
If not cross first 10 minutes and sustained
Below some profit booking likely.

Above 510 - Big move expected
Just take a few risk and play for long side .

Looks hot and buy...
Consider support 325-326 range
Unexpected move in coming days.

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