Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Free Tips For Intraday

BSE : Today: BSE SENSEX open positively and it was showing volatile session in the market on positive side in the market and close positively. Now we may consider resistance 18965-19077 and support is 18635-18415-18326. Above 18900 follow up buying will take up to 19132-19225,19625 in coming days. Magic No.18950.

BANK NIFTY STOCK MARKET : Today: Bank Nifty open flatly and It was showing some volatile session but showing some strength on positive side. Today support is 11200-11100 mark, higher level resistance 11479-11587 watch out. Magic No. 12228.

CNX IT : Today: CNX IT open positively and it was showing good strength and finally cross the 6400 level and close positively. Now we can see some more positivity above 6483it can touch the 6574 level. Now that we may consider support of 6731-6300 and resistance we can see around firstly 6484-6500-6574.

INTRADAY NIFTY FUTURE : Now watch major resistance 5721-5730 - Successfully crossover will move further and may test...

If unable to cross yesterday high and trade below 5665, down side target 5505, thereafter... Crossover yesterday high - decent move.

We are bullish above 390 and more added
On Friday once it close above 400 mark
10% move in one session
Today magic no. Watch 439...
If not cross first 10 minutes and sustained
Below some profit booking likely.

Above 510 - Big move expected
Just take a few risk and play for long side .

Looks hot and buy...
Consider support 325-326 range
Unexpected move in coming days.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nifty Intraday Calls

Intraday Nifty July Future: (5570) 5546 a crucial support break below which it'll fall down to 5529, 5511 & 5481-5471, consider 5481-5471 a crucial support area where buying support will be seen. In worst scenario break below 5471 it'll crash down to 5430.
Upward side 5594 & 5615 crucial resistances. Crossover above 5615 it'll turn positive & spurt up to 5640, 5658 & 5688.

Bank Nifty Stock Market Future: (11250) 11190 a nearest crucial support break below which it'll fall down to 11138 & 11099 initially. In worst scenario break below 11099 it'll crash down to 11036 & 10947.
Upward side 11309 a crucial resistance crossover above which it'll surge up to 11366 & 11405.
M&M: (707) Sell considering 714 a solid resistance keeping stop loss of 719. It'll fall down to 699, 695 & 687.

TATA MOTORS: (1016) Sell considering 1026 & 1032 solid resistances keeping stop loss of 1048. It'll fall down to 1004, 986 & 961.

HERO HONDA: (1818) 1831 & 1847 solid resistances, keep stop loss of 1863 to your shorts. Downward side it'll fall down to 1801 initially. Break below 1801 it'll heavily crash down to 1772 & 1725.

ADI BIR NUVO: (918) Buy considering 907 a solid support keeping stop loss of 900. Upward side it'll spurt up to 965.

APOLLO TYRES: (81) Crossover above 82.50 it'll spurt up to 85 & 88.

JET AIR: (505) Buy considering 498 & 495 solid support keeping stop loss of 491. Upward side crossover above 517 it'll spurt up to 524, 531 & 540.

OBC: (348) Buy considering 346 a solid support keeping stop loss of 343. Upward side it'll spurt up to 360 & 365.

DENA Bank: (89.50) Buy considering 88.50 a solid support keeping stop loss of 87. Upward side it'll rush up to 90.75 initially. Crossover above 90.75 it'll spurt up to 92.25, 93.50 & 96.

IDFC: (141) Buy considering 140.50 a solid support keeping stop loss of 138. Upward side it'll spurt up to 145.50 & 149.

HUL: (332) Buy considering 331 a solid support keeping stop loss of 328.50. Upward side crossover above 336 it'll spurt up to 341 & 344.

GODREJ IND: (227) Buy considering 223 a solid support keeping stop loss of 218. Upward side it'll spurt up to 232 & 237.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Intraday Trading Tips Free

INTRADAY NIFTY : TODAY: As expected Nifty hold yesterday low and smart bounce back were saw resulted made a high 5596. Today consider resistance 5615-5620 crossover it will show strength, down side support 5550 and below Today likely market open with down side gap due to Bombay Blast. Magic No. 5602.

BSETODAY: As open with flat but whole the day remains positive and unable to break yesterday low. Today consider resistance 18625 and decisively crossover only it will show strength, down side support 18465 watch out. Today Magic No. 18650.

BANK NIFTY STOCK :  Today: As finally intraday nifty tested lower level support 11000 and intra day bounce back were saw resulted made a high 11200. Now consider resistance 11200 and crossover only positive bias, down side support 11100 watch out. .

NIFTY FUTURE: Today consider support 5555-5550 - break and trade below further weakness up to 5500, higher level resistance 5615 - strength show only above that level.
Option Indicator: No big movement in seen in Option Strike price but 5700-5800 writing continue which indicate near term stiff resistance.

Excellent result ahead....
Now support 62-63 range
Buy on weakness - sell on strength.
Target 70 or more....
We are long at the level of 55 stop loss 53
Just check the chart ---

Time being support 560-850
Think to buy only above 873.

Lower level time to buy and do not
Panic...Consider resistance 2452
And support 2410 watch out.

Below 585 - Bear Favour
Break 574 with volume
Real panic in this counter.

Below 1930 time to sell
Down side target 1900 and below.

Any good result -
Face resistance 1200-1205. 

Strong support 400-395
Decisively break with volume
Over all selling in this counter...

Looks very hot....
As hold 475 no problem for bulls.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Intraday Share Trading

INTRADAY NIFTY TIPS : TODAY: Nifty open positively and it was showing range bound situation in the market and close flat too negatively. Because of flat closing there were no changes in support resistance. Now consider support we can see in Nifty is 5610-5570 and resistance we will see 5662-5710. Today Magic No. ... 5605

BSE : TODAY: BSE SENSEX open flat too positively and it was showing range bound situation in the market and close negatively. Now the consider support in Nifty 18694-18500 and resistance 18862-18938-19031. Today Magic No. 18662

BANK NIFTY:  Today: Yesterday Bank Nifty opens negatively and after it showing downside situation and close negatively. It was not able to cross previous day closing. Now the consider support in Bank Nifty 11239-11155 and resistance 11401-11503. Magic No. 11270 - hold target 11384 11425. 

Nifty Stock Future : Today it will face resistance 5666 crossover an d stay with volume... may test .....................? Lower level support 5617 thereafter... Time being top out and consider resistance Friday High 5702. - 100-150 down side if not close above last week high, above negated the views.

Now time to close watch
866 - decide your trading strategy.

Looks hot ...
Above 1000 we are bullish in FO Segment.

Big sell off - with strong volume
Avoid fresh buy...
Below 230 target 220-215.
Break 223 over all selling in this counter. 

Lower level strong support 225
Resistance 233-235 watch out 

Near to strong resistance 2400-2420
Break with volume.......?
Lower target...

Strong resistance + supply zone
605-610 - Bear will permit to cross ?

Today show strength
If sustained above 325

Overall trend bearish...
Below 1951 another round of
Weakness in this counter...