Thursday, February 24, 2011

Free Intraday Tips Nifty Trading Tips

On NSE Future and Options, total number of contracts traded in index futures was 1019451 with a total turnover of Rs. 26,699.32 Crore. Along with this total number of contracts traded in intraday stock futures were 1198256 with a total turnover of Rs. 29,890.49 Crore. Total numbers of contracts for index options were 4663061 with a total turnover of Rs. 128,494.01 Crore and total numbers of contracts for stock options were 180354 with a total turnover of Rs. 4770.2 Crore.

Top traded volumes on NSE Nifty – Reliance with total traded volume of 20,326,289, followed by Suzlon Energy with 14,471,721, Reliance Comm with 14,178,704, JP Asso with 11,547,564 and IDFC with 10,014,902.

On BSE, total number of shares traded was 25.67 Crore and total turnover stood at Rs 3,276.23 Crore. On NSE, total number of shares traded were 59.07 Crore and total turnover was Rs 12,366.82 Crore.

Few analysts write ..... We are No. 1, few writes buy or sell at opening bell, it will give you this much profit ........ Targets are too high .......... Few say don't follow those who writes, if it is going up then buy, if crossing certain levels or sell when it is going down ....... If breaking certain levels then sell .....

It is on you people, want to bet or want perfect trading system and make money ........... if levels breaks then only trade ...... yesterday our two free stocks did not broken the levels, so no trading , but who had bought or sold on others advice at opening bell, had made anything? ..

Our SMS on SBI given 45 gain, Bank nifty 150 points, Ranbaxy given gain of 16, Cmahendra gain of 4.50 Mcdowel 15 and many more ........... one stock can give reasonable gain/profit in one day
For a day traders, above calls were sufficient, but who want to trade all the day, ............. I don't like. Just hammer the iron, when it is hot.

Again our respected Agriculture Minister says will allow Sugar Export of 5 lac ton this week, some rice & wheat should also be given permission for export ......... (but if group of ministers do not allow then?) please remember ....... 

This we have heard in last week of December, two month have gone, but nothing happened, yes in the mean time sugar stock have given swing of 20% down 1st ....... then gone up 15%, again it is down to 20% around ....... And now when these are at their lower levels, news comes export will be allowed ............ if want to give permission, then give it at once, or don't play with small traders ........ Peoples are carrying on hopes, on news, but if it will take 1-3 months to apply then ....... And in the mean time rates changes to 15-20%.

Yesterday Tata steel from 619 to 737 and closed at 622, volume also up here ..... all happen in less then one minutes with volume of 5 lac share ............ but can a small trader can handle this type of volatility ........ It was trailer before budget? Or a punching mistake.

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