Thursday, January 27, 2011

Intraday Trading Tips Trial

As expected higher level some resistance and market unable to cross 5800 and slipped back.....
Today we must watch 5738.. if crossover with volume some positive side in the market, on lower side break 5680, downside support 5650-5625-5611 likely test. As remain hold 5580-5600.. reversal on the card and decline to buy side. 

Yesterday BSE SENSEX showing very volatile session just because of RBI credit policy and it closes negatively. The next important level to watch out for tomorrow intraday trading in BSE support would be 18832-18695, while the resistance would be 19224.

Yesterday BANK NIFTY showing very volatile session effect of RBI credit policy and close negatively. The next important level to watch out for tomorrow intraday trading in BANK NIFTY support would be 10729-10586, while the resistance would be 11150. Watch out. 

Sell on rise strategy with consider resistance 1180-1200 range lower level target 1100 mark in few sessions. . Trend Decider 1186 watch.....

It looks that top have been established at 1220 time being and remain below trade, short term selling opportunity. Down side support exit 1180................

Trend is bearish but some shortcoming will take up to 1040-1050 range whereas the excellent supply in this counter likely........Higher level to sell only... 

Strong support broken 295... due to some lower profit.. however result are good.... Short term sell side....

Now support watch 650-641 in lower level, as and when hold no problem in this counter....

Consider resistance 59-60 range and sell side... down side first target...............thereafter more panic expected. 

Below 1050 to sell side down side target 1015-1000 mar.... Just check unable to crossover 1095-1100 range and started down ward journey.

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